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I have been attending births as a Doula for 5 years now. I have seen all kinds of different births, in all kinds of different settings, with all kinds of different people. In fact, that is one of my favorite things about this job.  Every birth has its own vibe, every contraction it’s own challenges, and every woman has her own set of needs and desires.  

Whoever the family, whatever the setting, I see this as the most tender and transformational time in a persons life, and I believe that each and every woman deserves to have constant encouragement, unlimited support, evidence-based information, and a world class birth team completely devoted to her.   This is a day that you will never forget, and I hope you look back on it with heart that overflows.

about me

My husband and I live in Pierce County with our two little curly headed boys. We enjoy the outdoors with all of our hearts and you can find us running around our beautiful state during our free time. We see life as such a gift and spend both our work and free time doing things that we feel passionate about.  Birth is what drives me and I hope to spend my life educating, supporting, and  encouraging women and young families about the importance and impact that birth has on our life.

What is a Doula?

The word doula means, “A woman who serves.”

Today a doula is a trained birth professional who walks with you through your pregnancy, labor and postpartum. I use the formal training that I have received, and the experience I have gained from attending many births to coach you through all of the unknowns of Childbirth. Hiring a doula can help ease the fear and anxiety surrounding the anticipation of birth. Hiring a doula provides you with someone who is there for just you and your partner.

What about my Spouse/Birth Partner?

A doula does not take the place of your partner. I am their extra set of hands, their guide if they feel stressed out or unsure how to help you. I am the calming presence reassuring you and your partner that the progress is normal and wonderful. I allow them the breaks that they need, and so much more. Your partner knows you intimately, and I know birth intimately. Together we are a team. Together we can do great things.

Does having a doula really make a difference?

The short answer? YES! Studies show that women who hire a doula are:

  • up to 50% less likely to have a cesarean section
  • 40% less likely to use Piton to augment labor
  • 30% less likely to use pain medication
    will have a decrease in length of labor by 25%
  • less likely to need vacuum/forceps delivery
  • less likely to rate their childbirth experience negatively
  • more satisfied with their birth

My Reviews

I am so blessed to help mommas like you celebrate this exciting time for your family. Here are a few words from glowing moms I’ve worked with:

Baby Hayden

Not gonna lie- I had to re-write this a million times and even got a little teary-eyed writing it because you helped us SO much and made a somewhat challenging birth- an amazing memory. I know these words can’t even begin to relate to how thankful we are for you!

Amanda went above and beyond to help us, not only during our birth, but throughout our pregnancy. Amanda was available from the moment we asked her to be our doula. She was able to answer any questions we had, and if she wasn’t sure- she researched and got back to us. We were able to come to her with questions, concerns, exciting news and she was there for us. It was like having a best friend to talk to who always knows the right thing to say. Amanda not only comforted me during the emotional time of losing our doctor but also helped us advocate for ourselves so that we got a midwife that cared and still enjoy the last few weeks of pregnancy.

When it came time for our son to make his entrance, Amanda empowered me to be able to power through the contractions, physically helped relieve some of the pain, and was a true light of encouragement. She helped my husband navigate through the unknown territory and helped him when he was searching for the right words of encouragement. She helped us know when it was time for us to transition to the hospital and again was right by our side the entire time, smiling and loving on us- which is exactly what I needed. As the birth progressed she was not only there to hold my hand, continually exchange my damp towel, encourage me, give me drinks of water and remind me that I am amazing and can do an all natural birth that I had not planned, but she also was able to inform our families and be a rock for my husband (who became an emotional mess as Hayden made his entrance). Birth is often times does not go as planned. Billy and I knew this and when faced with new challenges, such as not getting an epidural and having to endure some intense maneuvers to get our 10+lb baby out safely, we were able to rely on Amanda’s experience and love to help guide us through the unknown and calm our nerves. She was one of the best parts of our experience and we couldn’t imagine a birth without her there.

Jordan and Billy Irvin

Baby Jax

I had a very traumatic experience with the delivery of my first child. It took my 6 years to want to have another one and I was terrified.

My birth class instructor recommended I get a doula. When I met with Amanda for the first time we just clicked! I felt like I had just met my best friend. She was wonderful and I instantly felt at ease with her and hopeful for a good birth experience this time. She was a rock star during my delivery and helped create one of the most amazing and healing experiences of my life. Amanda is more than just a doula…..she is family.


Baby Rowen

My husband and I met Amanda at our birthing class at Auburn Regional Medical Center. We had never considered the idea of a Doula and honestly had no idea what a Doula was prior to attending.

Shortly after learning about her and what a Doula attending our birth would entail, we felt so strongly about having her with us. Amanda has the most incredibly genuine light about her, and she empowered me to completely change my perspective on the birthing process. I had so much anxiety and fear about every aspect of my upcoming delivery! I truly believe I was able to completely shift my thoughts and channel my energy into this beautiful experience because she led me to do so. We are still overflowing with gratitude for her graciousness, support, knowledge and energy leading up to birth, during labor and continuing after birth. She is a powerfully positive choice for any expecting family!

Matt and Mindi Reinke

Baby Maverick

We hired Amanda to help support us during our homebirth experience with our second child and it was one of the best decisions we made!

She took many phone calls and texts from me leading up to delivery. On the day of she showed up in the wee hours of the morning and helped me through all of my contractions. It’s almost like she knew exactly how I was feeling because she joked when I needed a laugh and was serious and calm when I needed her to be.

She was so amazing during it all but especially when it was pushing time & the midwife didn’t make it! At a time when most people would be freaking out she remained totally calm and helped my husband deliver our baby! She even helped clean me up and got the placenta into a bowl; above and beyond what I thought a Doula would be willing to do.

We couldn’t have done it without her and truly believe you won’t be disappointed if you hire her as your Doula!

Elise + EJ

Baby Luca

Amanda was a godsend for us. My labor was long due to my body being forced into labor before it was ready. Amanda was there every step of the way.

I have regrets about not trusting my gut and switching doctors, but what I absolutely do not regret was hiring Amanda. I met her when I did my childbirth class and my mom and I agreed we had to convince her to take me on as a client too.

I had never heard of a doula before that day. She was already busy, but the feeling must have been mutual because she said yes! She even held my hand the whole entire time I was being stitched back up while my husband was with our son being checked out by the NICU staff because his cord was wrapped and he was vacuumed out in an attempt to avoid an emergency c-section. I swear those stitches were the most painful part of my two day labor experience.

Amanda was a calm voice amongst all the fear/stress and noise. I can not recommend her enough. I joke with my husband all the time that if we ever have another baby, I refuse to give birth without Amanda there too. She has a gift and it is beautiful to be a part of. You couldn’t be in better hands on the emotional and spiritually journey of childbirth. If you’re on the fence about hiring a doula I encourage you to meet with her and get all of your questions answered. She just might be your godsend too!


Baby Austin

Working with Amanda was the best decision we made when preparing for our son’s birth. She was critical in helping Mom concentrate and power through the contractions prior to the epidural (in our case this was about 5 hours!).

Furthermore, she was empathetic, and gave Mom the confidence she needed to get through the most difficult parts of the labor. To all first time Dads out there, I strongly recommend using a Doula and Amanda is among the best! My wife started having powerful contractions around midnight, and my encouragement only went so far. Additionally, the nursing staff at night is more thinly spread across other patients. Amanda came at 1AM and sat with my wife all night to get her through the labor process. We couldn’t have done it without her!

The Canorro Family

Services & Rates

The photography services she offers is worth her fee alone. The photos Amanda captured of the first few moments as a new family are priceless. Even though hiring a doula may seem expensive, Amanda provided valuable assistance every step of the way. I highly recommend her.

My rates start at $1700 for most doula programs, which always include:

  • A Prenatal visit where we discuss your hopes and dreams for your coming birth, practice labor coping techniques, and make a postpartum plan
  • Assistance in birth planning and preparation.
  • Phone and email support to discuss and address any questions or concerns that may arise in pregnancy.
  • On-Call from 38 weeks until you delivery
  • Guidance with relaxation exercises and positioning during labor.
  • Access to my OB TENS unit in labor
  • Unrushed, unlimited support for your labor, birth, and several hours postpartum.
  • Assistance in breastfeeding
  • A Postpartum visit where we sit and process your birth, discuss breastfeeding, postpartum warning signs, and offer practical help and encouragement during your recovery period.

Doula + Birth Photography special

The best of both. This includes everything that comes with my Doula and Birth Photography packages. The support + the memories.

Learn more about my birth photography services here

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my training

I am a lifelong learner and believe that in order to provide the best and most relevant care to the families I serve, I must continually be growing and honing my skills in this exciting and ever- changing field. 

  • DONA 5 Week Doula Training 
  • PALS Volunteer Doula Training 
  • PALS Mentor Program 
  • PALS Doula Volunteer, providing doula services to families below the poverty line 
  • PALS Mentor Program 
  • Big Belly Services Placenta Encapsulation Workshop 
  • Big Belly Services OB TENS UNIT Training 
  • PRO DOULA Birth and POSTPARTUM Doula Workshop 
  • DONA Advanced Doula Training 
  • BASTYR Childbirth Education Training 
  • ICEA Certified Childbirth Educator 
  • Multicare Health Systems Certified Childbirth Educator 
  • Evidence Based Birth Professional Member 
  • Pacific Association of Labor Support Certified Doula 
  • Spinning Babies® Full Day Workshop 
  • Spinning Babies® Half Day Workshop 
  • Evidence Based Birth Professional Member 


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