Birth Photography

By Amanda Gandy

Welcome! Let’s capture memories together

As a doula I have had the opportunity to support countless families through the incredible and life changing experience of having a baby. I have recently seen an opportunity to be more mindful in capturing these moments and preserving the memory for the families I serve.

Birth photography gives you the opportunity to relive all the details of this moment in your life.

In labor, our focus is on the monumental feat of birthing our babies. The opportunity to go back and relive the tiny details of your birth gives you a chance to savor this sacred experience.

My hope is that these photographs will take you back to the very first moments of meeting your baby and capture the breathtaking magic of this miraculous event.

I believe the transition to parenthood is beautiful and the little moments are worth remembering.

“The birth of your baby happens once, but you will relive it a thousand times.”

a sampling of my birth photography

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Whether you are looking for doula services or birth photography, I would love to connect with you.

Services & Rates

My birth photography services include:

  • 1 Pre Birth Consultation where we get to know each other and I can get a feel for your birth + these photographs.
  • On call 24/7 at 38 weeks until you deliver.
  • I attend your birth + 1-2 hours postpartum making sure to capture moments of your newborn and your new family before leaving.
  • Typically 30+ edited photos for you to enjoy of labor, birth and the early postpartum hours.

Doula + Birth Photography special

The best of both. This includes everything that comes with my Doula and Birth Photography packages. The support + the memories.

*Typically 25-50 photos

– – –

The Small Package
The small photography package includes:

  • On-call for you at 38 weeks
  • Pre-birth phone call to connect and make a game plan of when I should come to you in labor, and how to get the most important shots for the amount of time I’m there.
  • 5 hours of birth Photography
  • 30+ Edited photos

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